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The story of human liberty and freedom, but also about a tamer, who does not recognize freedom!
Performance full of acrobatics, humour, juggling and a bit of guidance.

Domptér - Štefan Capko
Clown Oops - Daniel Fajmon
Maruska - Míša Hradecká
Mack - Ondřej Holba
Kevin - Michal Růžička
Linda - Lenka Stolařová

Crazy Shakespear

Fools - zanys - clowns are characters from Shakespeare's plays, who express themselves at a turning point of tragic moments swirling around them. In one arena will meet Feste, Brink, Zest, Touchstone, Autolykus, Buran, Natan, Holofernes, gravediggers and Hamlet with Horacio. They come out of their games. From Winter's Tale, Two Lords of Verona, Love's Labour's Lost, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, The Tempest and Hamlet ...



Appearing Clown:

Míša Hradecká
Linda Fikar Stranská
Radek Pokorný
Jakub Urban
Lukáš Šimon


Street performance full of acrobatics, masks and fire shows.




Lazy variety show




Copyright prepared:

circus Sacra
The author, screenwriter and director: Štefan Capko